ApnaKhata SMS Banking,is the World's 1st Universal Mobile Banking App.

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SangamOne Products.

Welcome to SangamOne Connected Services

SangamOne Connected Services is a small start-up which began its humble journey in 2013 with a vision to provide seamless connectivity, real-time workflow systems, secure financial services, mobile banking, mobile commerce, mobile payments and other value-added services to Banks and other financial Institutions globally thereby enabling them to provide high-class services and new products to their end-customers
SangamOne Connected Services also provides technology enablement services, cloud-based web-services, digital tools and utilities for content rendering, collaboration services, documentation services, testing and usability services, consulting services, education and training services to Banks and Financial Institutions to enable them to provide end-to-end services



KBL-ApnaApp Android OS based SMS Banking Mobile App, through which customers can avail various banking services without connecting to GPRS/3G/WiFi.


MapKaro is a simple application to capture the Latitude and Longitude of a given place. The co-ordinates are sent to a managed services E-Mail ID using one of the available E-Mails apps installed on the Smartphone.

PNB MobiEase

PNB MobiEase provides a wide range of Digital Channels without 3G/WiFi/Net connectivity. It enables users to use SMS Banking, USSD Banking or Missed Call Banking.

FundTree Insurance

FundTree Insurance enables customers to send their personal details to the Insurance company so that the policy can be issued with minimum delay and ensuring high accuracy.


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