SpotFoto is a plaftorm to enable field workers belonging to different companies to send photographs of their immovable assets, buildings, construction sites, monuments, tourist spots, highway points, bus stops, agriculture lands, poultry farms on a periodic basis directly to their company's server or virtual cloud server along with the Project Code, Date, Time, Location Information (Latitude, Longitude) and Keywords. Company officials at Head Office can search their secure portal based on following parameters.

- search all photos of month - 2018/03
- search all photos with Project - SS Power Generation
- search all photos with Keyword - Solar
- search all photos with Keyword - ATM
- search all photos with Keyword - Temple
- search all photos in server for time - 365 days
- search all photos sent by User - ckuthyar

Companies can set business rules to ensure Photographs belonging to different Projects are visible to the respective Project Managers and Project Heads only maintaining a complete role-based access control. The Business Rules Engine can be extended to provide alerts and notifications based on triggers and change in Status as defined by the Company.

SpotFoto will have 2 modules:

a) Secure Mobile App for Field Worker
b) Secure Portal for Company Admin

The registration for SpotFoto has started on 08-Mar-2018 with the release of an Android app on Google Play Store.

SpotFoto app User Interface Photos

SpotFoto Web Portal User Interface Photos

1.Admin Login

2.Add Admin/Subadmin

3.Add Project

4.Admin Details

5.Project Details


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