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Training : Mobile Banking Academy

Mobile Banking Academy is a training arm of SangamOne Connected Services. It specialises in preparing industry professionals in the area of Mobile Banking, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Payments.

This is a personalised coaching and mentoring program spanning 10 weeks. During this period, participants will get be provided the following:

  1. Webinars or Audio Conference Calls - 10 sessions each of one hour.
  2. E-Mail support for all Mobile Banking and Mobile Technology related topics.
  3. Telephonic Support on need basis during working hours for specific requirements.
  4. Training Documents on selected Topics.
  5. Case Studies of Global Mobile Banking best practices.
  6. Case Studies of Global Vendors with upcoming Technologies.
  7. Special Focus on Security and Authentication.
  8. One-day Hands-on session available at Mumbai, Bangalore or Mangalore only.

Mobile Banking Academy will prepare senior professionals to move towards one of the following career paths:

  1. Mobile Banking Consultant – for Software companies which builds Mobile Banking & Internet Banking products
  2. Mobile Banking Product Manager – for Global banks to build their Mobile Banking strategy and roll-out
  3. Enterprise Mobility Delivery Head - for Global Enterprises to ensure all Business Processes are Mobile Enabled
  4. Security & Authentication Specialist – for Research Labs in Biometric and Adaptive Authentication.

Mobile Banking Academy Training will cost INR 30,000 plus taxes per person one time ($750 for international participants).

Mobile Banking Academy Membership will cost INR 1,000 plus taxes per person per year ($25 for international participants).


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